Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of course you need to know me.

Yes I'm Sey
I just want to say first that I'm writing this entry while listening to our trainer trying to teach us millions of new campaigns. So the blog is taking longer to write and I don't know if that affects you.
So lets start my Introductions with the basic, "I'm just like any other girl..." who never got married but have two sons. Just 24(turning 25 on October, Yay!) but feels like shes about 50. I'm the girl who says that she doesn't give an F, but I actually do, sometimes. Sometimes I'm full of bullshit and blames it on my period, even when I was pregnant. I know, I have issues. I am a contradiction too, I noticed.
Now, lets move on to my likes and loves.
I like sleeping but I wish that we don't need to sleep a lot because as a single working mom, 24 hours is just not enough. And not getting enough sleep doesn't help because once you wake up, there are just a zillion things to do and you need the energy to do those things.  
I like eating but lately I don't eat much because I'm on a tight budget(haha) and I'm not the kind of person who eats everything that is edible so I like eating food that I actually like. I know I'm choosy.
I like to be left alone sometimes, who doesn't?
I like extra stuff sometimes. Like extra cheese on my ham and cheese pizza. I like extra chocolate sauce on my ice cream. Obviously, I adore cheese and chocolate. Not together though.
I love milk so much that I eat it in powder. 
I like tattoos. I don't like the pain but it comes with it. And I'm not really fond of anesthesia(had to do spell check, just because i don't like it) shit because it gives me memory gap. Haha Now, my friends you know the reason why I get quiet sometimes just thinking, its because I have to concentrate to remember things. Giving birth introduced me to anesthesia and it had affected my memory ever since, I swear I'm not kidding.
I would like to do a video blog but I'm scared no one would view it cause I don't really make sense. Haha
I like old people more than kids. I find them more adorable. I don't know why, so don't ask me.
I like everything simple and clean.
Lastly, I'd love to win the lottery. Hahaha

Okaaaay. How about my I don'ts?
I don't panic as much as I used to. I am loving myself as calm and organized now. 
I don't make a fuss about small issues anymore, thanks to my Buddhist friend and office mate. Yes you, you know who you are.
I don't like you if you don't like me.
I don't like complicated stuff. Why make a simple situation, complicated? I just don't get the point of drama queens and kings. 
I don't like waiting. 
I don't like the dark.
I don't drink iced tea. or hot tea. 
I don't drink coffee. But I might start. 
I hate flying cockroaches, actually all flying insects scare the shit out of me even butterflies. 
Rats too make me cringe. If I see a flying rat, I might kill myself.
I super hate liars. Especially if they continue to lie even if they are already caught. 
I know this had been super extra majorly vain but that's totally the point of this entry.
And I'm going to end the blog with a favorite quote of mine : "Live your life so well that death will tremble to take you." Ooh, Perfection.

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