Friday, July 13, 2012

Oooo "Magic Mike"

Alex Pettyfer. You'd totally google him after watching Magic Mike. Well at least that's what I did right after. 

If you are just like me, I'd give the movie double thumbs up. Because I got just what I wanted. The storyline is not complicated. Full on body baring. Yehey! And Alex, my dearest Alex Pettyfer makes me want the movie in 3D. 
I'll buy their DVD. 
Oh just make sure you don't watch it with your boyfriend or husband. Spare them the pain if you really love them. And they'd probably walk out anyway. And you won't care. Haha

Channing Tatum did all his sick dancing moves and Mr. McConaughey did what he knew best, showed off his abs. Even without knowing about Tatum's stripper history, you'd notice that he did this before.
Joe Manganiello is worth mentioning too. My friend like him cause he is RIPPED. He got that perfect bod out of the 5 stripper characters. Matt Bomer was okay. I must admit, him being gay really killed the excitement for me. Felt like He's a sister, very awkward to watch. Alex Rodriguez deserved a better role than this! This is what happens when you cut shows like CSI Miami! Dammit. And of course the wrestler, Kevin Nash. Well if you like wrestler type of guys, then maybe he's the man.
Now, the ladies of the movie. Why the hell is Cody Horn pretty on the premier but not on the movie? I'm sorry, but she and Channing does not have chemistry. Maybe they did that on purpose so ladies watching won't get jealous. Haha. Olivia Munn though is super hot.

The story by the way revolves around Magic Mike(Tatum) as he teaches The Kid(Pettyfer) on how to be a stripper. Simply awesome.

And I just read somewhere that they're planning to make Magic Mike 2! Oh my goodness!!!! I'm going to have a heart attack. 

The trailer link down below:

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